EH1 Electrical

We are a company that is dedicated to providing safe and reliable tools. A company that is dedicated to your safety and safety of others.


Our Services

Our job is to make sure that you have the best tools possible. Choosing our tools and listening to our advices is a big deal.

Selling tools

It is our job it makes sure that you have the best power tools possible. You can count on us to provide the best quality tools out there for a reasonable price of course.

Giving advice

This is probably one of our best services. People want to buy tools, but they also want to be safe and make sure that they are choosing the best tools.

Repairing tools

We are a company that is dedicated to our customers, so we will make sure that you are well equipped for the warranty that lies ahead.

Our goals

Our goals are very simple. You need to be satisfied, and we need to make sure that you get the satisfaction with our products or with products of other companies. The point is that you are the ultimate client and it all comes down to you.

How our service works in 3 simple steps

People wanted to know something more in detail about our procedures. We know that it is a normal thing and we will explain how we work. It is not a big philosophy so you can probably get the idea quick.


Calling us

As in every situation, you need to call us and tell us your problem. After that, we will tell you what to do before we get there.


When we arrive

Once we arrive there, you can relax because you will be in good hands. Our team of professionals will get the job done.


Getting the job done

As you can probably imagine, we take our job seriously. And we intend to do so in the future. We will make sure that the job is done quickly and without any problems. You can count on that.

Why us?

This is the easiest question we can answer. Because we are the best out there. Choosing the best option for your home and family is all that matters. We know that you want to have the best possible service and the best quality for the lowest price possible and of course with many other things like time.   

Our team are experts at all things electrical, whether that is from re wiring a house, changing a plug socket, or even setting up digital signage displays for some of the UK’s largest events.

Speak with EH1 Electrical today to discuss your requirements. 

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